Telling a story with Products
HackerOne's product lineup is diverse and flexible. Potential customers need not be locked in to templated solutions, and should be able to identify the right fit for their needs. It was necessary for our team to tell this story in a way that was not linear or prescriptive. Many iterations later we arrived at the idea for a product wheel that unifies each service line together without prioritizing any above the other or communicating any prerequisites for getting started.
Another priority was to introduce another level of interactivity and liveliness. So we focused on animation and transitions to bring it all together and breathe life into the content.
A Clash of Audiences
Another challenge unique to this project was balancing the needs of opposing audiences. The target customers range from tech startups to corporate powerhouses. The tone needed to be trustworthy and refined. Hackers, on the other hand expect an exciting and engaging experience. The solution was to highlight the community of hackers when appropriate, and scale back interactions that might call the authority of the site into question.
Worldwide Reach
As a global company, it was important to highlight events and initiatives from every part of the world.
Surfacing Content
A large library of resources and informative content needed to be surfaced when appropriate. Care was taken to make long form content effective and engaging.
Flexible and Extensible
A primary concern was for content and pages to be added and changed quickly, without need for design intervention at every turn. A dynamic kit of parts was developed and components organized to allow for comprehensive content management.
Analytics show that engagement with the site since the launch has been up from the pre-launch average. In addition, with new styles applied to the site, many aspects of the offline brand had to be reconsidered and unified with the new online face of the company. An extensive library of brand assets and guidelines was rewritten to make sure all of the brand expressions live in harmony

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