Though plans changed not too far into the year, an exciting lineup of 2020 events was slated around the globe. We wanted to get the audience excited and on-board early with this animated shareable graphic.
H1-213 Los Angeles Live Hacking Event
La Brea tar pits and Venice beach skate and tag culture come together to create a colorful and memorable character for this first-ever-for-h1 Southern California event.
H1-415 San Francisco Live Hacking Event.
The challenge to create an extensible, flexible logo is a familiar one. And we accomplished that, but the poster had to do a lot of legwork to bring in the psychedelic, summer of love feel that was the cornerstone of this event in the city where it all took off,
For more local and intimate events, we needed a range of logos under the brand umbrella that could flex to suit the needs of the event planners. The glitch logos are reminiscent of the diverse hacker community coming together, bit by digital bit.

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