I'm a graphic designer, creative thinker, and problem solver. I craft user experience and create beautiful solutions to interesting problems. I've done work in several areas of design, including branding, motion, illustration, and book arts, but most of my work has been done in the realm of UX/UI, publication design, information architecture, and editorial layout. I enjoy making information and communications fun, interesting, attention-grabbing, and meaningful.

A great designer is always learning about the world. To be a designer is to interpret culture into visual language. Never miss an opportunity to stand corrected.

Build things. Build things that work. Build things that work well. Whether that's a flier promoting an event, a webpage, or a fully functional application, design something that solves the problem in the best way possible.

Don't be selfish, don't be dishonest. Good design is good for everyone. Good design is about more than selling, it's about crafting a great experience.
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